• Clay Community Schools is committed to:

    • Appropriate instruction for all students.
    • A curriculum stressing social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development.
    • Recognition of individual student differences.
    • A learning environment reflective of a genuine concern for students and their needs.
    • Skill development in reading, composition, computation, and thinking.
    • A curriculum designed to meet future educational needs.

    The educational program reflects state educational proficiencies as well as corporation-developed subject area requirements. We make every effort to provide a positive educational experience for students in which they can grow as responsible and productive individuals. This requires attention to academic, artistic, social, emotional, and physical development needs. In this process, we believe that communication between school and home is a necessary part of each child's success.

  • Elementary School

    Our kindergarten program offers a variety of activities to help students develop confidence, responsibility, and independence, as well as academic readiness. Attention is given to developmental experiences in language, creativity, personal growth, social living, environmental concerns, science and math. Emphasis is being placed on the Indiana Academic Standards.

    In grades one through five, emphasis is placed on language arts, reading, math, social studies/citizenship, science, fine arts, motor skills/physical education, health and safety. The Indiana Academic Standards are emphasized at each grade level and students are evaluated on a regular basis to determine if the academic skills are being mastered.

    Middle School

    Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students attend our middle school program with the exception of Clay City, which still has the sixth grade in the elementary school. The middle school philosophy emphasizes an academic program that allows for many different experiences. Like elementary schools, the Indiana Academic Standards are constantly reinforced. Students take English, math, science, social studies, health, practical arts, physical education, and computer instruction. Extra-curricular activities include a variety of athletic team sports, clubs, and special events in which students have opportunities for growth and success.

    High School

    Clay Community Schools has two outstanding high school facilities offering a comprehensive academic program that prepares students for all types of post-secondary training. Academic and vocational programs meet the various needs of all students.

    A wide range of intra-scholastic and interscholastic activities is offered, including both academic and social programs to meet student's needs and interests. A full athletic program in accordance with IHSAA rules and regulations is also offered.

  • Corporation-Adopted Curriculum



    BFW (Worth Publishers)

    Social Studies

    Catch My Breath Program


    Cengage Learning

    Career & Technical Education

    ESGI Assessments

    Kindergarten Assessments

    G-W Publisher

    Career & Technical Ed and Health & Physical Ed

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

    English and Social Studies


    Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies


    Computer Science and Digital Literacy

    McGraw Hill

    Social Studies

    Pivot Interactives



    Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies

    Pearson MyLab & Mastering


    W.W. Norton & Co. Inc.

    Social Studies

    UFLI Foundations

    Reading Foundations