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13 Original Colonies WebQuest


Your expertise is needed immediately! 500 people are scheduled to set sail from England to the colonies next month. They are still undecided which colony would be the best to settle and build their new homes. Your colony has hired you to create a newsletter, pamphlet or brochure to entice these people to settle in your colony. The information you provide will be used to help the new colonists pick the best colony that will suit their needs.

You will need to thoroughly research your colony and all the other colonies to best inform the new colonists of what your colony has to offer. Through researching the colonization of America, you will discover the similarities and differences of the Southern, Middle and New England Colonies. For each region you will uncover the hardships that the settlers faced while creating a new life that was accepting of everyone. You will discover the challenges they faced territorial, differences and similarities, religious factors, and slavery issues.

After analyzing your findings, you will create a newsletter, pamphlet or brochure using Microsoft Publisher to be sent at once to England.


The Task

Your task is to create an informative report in the form of a newsletter, pamphlet, or brochure about your colony.  You will need to identify and make discoveries regarding the 13 original colonies in order to report to the new colonists why your colony will best suit their needs. You will uncover this information through research. Your final report will include:

  • Completed worksheets on Southern, Middle and New England Colonies - found in Process Section
  • Created publication using Microsoft Publisher for your colony


The Process

Begin by printing out the following Information Worksheets

Use the links found under Educational Resources to answer the questions found in the Information Worksheets.

Once the Information Sheets are completed, you are ready to begin creating your publication.  You must understand what makes your colony stand out from all the others.  You must use your research to convince those 500 new Colonist to move to your colony.  Remember, you are creating this publication during the early 1700's.  Your information MUST be from this time period and historically accurate.  After completing your research, you must access Microsoft Publisher to choose what type of publication to present your material to the new colonists.  Your may choose from a newsletter, pamphlet or brochure. Your publication must include the following:

  • Map of your colony as it was during the early 1700's
  • Major towns or communities
  • Geographic features
  • Climate and agricultural information
  • Economic development or how they made their money
  • Why and who originally founded the colony
  • Two reasons your colony is better than the others
  • At least three pictures but no more than five - Remember pictures must be historically accurate.  Be careful if you use clip art.

Please continue to refer to the list above to ensure that you include EVERYTHING needed in your publication.


Educational Resources

Links for worksheets



Slavery in the Colonies Africans in America


New England Colonies


Middle Colonies


Southern Colonies




Additional Helpful Information



Your grade will be based on completion of the worksheets and the publication.  You will graded according to the following rubric.

  0-9 Points
12-13 Points
14-15 Points
Information Sheet-each sheet worth 15 pts Very few entries Some entries included Entries for most dates Entries for each date
  0-59 points 60-74 points 75-89 points 90-100 points
Publication Entries are vague Little information included Most information included Entries complete, in-depth


Conclusion and Standards

You will have a better understanding of how the 13 original colonies developed and grew into very different and distinct regions after completing this WebQuest.

This WebQuest meets the following Indiana state standards:

8th Grade United State History Standards
Compare and contrast the relationships among the British, French, Spanish, and Dutch in their struggle for control of North America during European settlement and colonization.
Map and locate all states of the United States, major cities, mountain ranges, and river systems of the United States
Analyze geographic factors that have influenced migration and settlement patterns and relate them to the economic development of the United States.

Identify economic factors contributing to the European exploration and colonization in North America, the American Revolution, and the drafting of the Constitution of the United States.

Explain and evaluate examples of domestic and international interdependence throughout United States history.
8th Grade Language Arts Standards
Plan and conduct multiple-step information searches using computer networks.
Achieve an effective balance between researched information and original ideas.
Use a computer to create documents by using word-processing skills and publishing programs; develop simple databases and spreadsheets to manage information and prepare reports.