School Enrollment

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Current student enrollment can be obtained by contacting the school's principal.

Clay City Elementary School - Michael Owens, Principal; 812-939-3120
Clay City High School - Jeffrey Bell, Principal; 812-939-2154
Cumberland Academy - Lisa Showalter, Principal; 812-446-4120
East Side Elementary School - , Principal; 812-448-8755
Forest Park Elementary School - Jon Russell, Principal; 812-443-7621
Jackson Township Elementary School - Jeff Fritz, Principal; 812-986-2177
Meridian Elementary School - Karen Phillips, Principal; 812-448-8560
North Clay Middle School - Greg Moe, Principal; 812-448-1530
Northview High School - Ernie Simpson, Principal; 812-448-4661
Staunton Elementary School - Sheryl Jordan, principal; 812-448-8270
Van Buren Elementary School - Gail Williams, principal; 812-448-1362


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