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General Curriculum Outline - Philosophy, Goals, and Techniques


      1. Technology Education, simply defined, is the practical application of math, science, and communication skills assisted by the use of tools, machines, human and material resources to improve our people made world. Technology plays an essential, and valuable role in every education curriculum. Technology is the application of knowledge and use of resources to meet human needs and solve problems. Technology literacy prepares student to function as productive, knowledgeable citizens on our world.

      2. Technology is a part of the curriculum in general education for grades 6, 7, & 8 that provides an opportunity for students to work efficiently with other students, materials, and techniques through laboratory experiences.

   B. GOAL

      1. Provide experiences that will allow students to have some understanding and appreciation for technology and its historical development.

      2. Provide experiences that will allow student the opportunity to become technology literate.

      3. Provide experiences for students to plan an activity and work towards its completion.

      4. Provide experiences that will enable an individual to solve problems related to technological developments.

      5. Provide experiences in the application of math, science, and communication skills.

   C. TEACHING SYSTEM - The technology curriculum, to, date will be utilizing two different methods of instruction, each method with its own system of pattern of presentation.

      1. The sixth grade curriculum will be based upon the classroom / group lab method. Major elements to be introduced in the sixth grade:
         a. Overview of Technology
         b. People, Technology, and Environment
         c. Introduction to construction, communications, manufacturing, and transportation, energy and power mechanics
         d. Introduction to Modular Delivery System

2. The seventh and eighth grade curriculum will be delivered to the students using modular delivery system.

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