ME: Meridian Elementary School

Meridian Elementary School




Meridian Elementary offers the best opportunity to ensure that every child, no matter how gifted or challenged, will be equally valued in an education system where the progress of every child is monitored and individualized interventions with appropriate levels of intensity are provided to students as needed.
Bill East (2007), Preface to RtI Handbook

Our Belief Statements

  • Every child can learn and it is the responsibility of the parents, school, and community to provide challenging opportunities that lead to the success of each child.
  • The school will form collaborative relationships with families, communities, local businesses, and agencies to help guide the students to success.
  • Teachers and parents will encourage students to become disciplined lifelong learners who will be prepared to solve problems through creative and critical thinking.
  • Teachers will design instruction that will guide the students toward active participation in meaningful work.
  • Teachers will organize all instruction around a curriculum that meets all state and local standards.
  • The school will always provide a positive, safe, and caring environment for children.

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